semi automatic 6 color pad printer machine DX-SM6S-90

Productpad printer machine


Printing color6 color

Printing plate size100*250mm

Ink cup size¢90mm

Printing speedabout 250 pcs/hr (if print 6 color)

Sliding shuttleservo motor drive


semi automatic 6 color pad printer machine

Product:pad printer machine


Printing color:6 color

Printing plate size:100*250mm

Ink cup size:¢90mm

Printing speed:about 250 pcs/hr (if print 6 color)

Sliding shuttle:servo motor drive

Control system:PLC (Panasonic)

Machine size:L100*W96*H150cm


China Automatic Pad Printer Suppliers, Manufacturers, Factory – Customized Pad Printer Wholesale 

Looking for an automatic pad printer, then visit DSTAR. It is one of the best machines suitable for plastic items. Automatic Pad printing machines are famous label or marking machines in the industrial, commercial, garment, and transportation sectors. Our machines have High-Frequency Output UV light, drying faster and saving space. It has a 1 to 6 color range. This machine is suitable for bottle size Ø8~60mm, and the length is 20~210mm. Also, it has a production speed range from 1500~3600pcs/hr. Our machine is suitable for diverse types of squeegees. You only have to adjust the printing angle to adapt to the different shapes.

Buy Wholesale Innovative Pad Printing Machine.

As a professional supplier, our machines come with high quality and touchscreen control. Along with various monitoring systems, ensure that the machine works steadily at a high pace. Also, features include automatic loading and unloading, orientation, flip, flame treatment, registration, UV Curing, and more. DSTAR can print on various materials in different sizes, including glass and plastic, using environmentally friendly UV-LED technology.

Our machines are highly beneficial to use as they have the highest quality and a reasonable speed. A shirt press can quickly be expected to produce 500–1,000 shirts each hour. It works with any substance. As a result, you can print on materials like metal, plastic, and glass and delicacies like candy. An automatic printing device can cut printing time by 75% for a similar project. A manual printer can never print 75% more quickly. Thus, they make the printing process very simple to use and economical to carry out. As a result, it is an affordable personalization, traceability, and identity printing option for any company.

Multipurpose Pad Printing Machine For One Use

As a leading automatic pad printing supplier, we provide the best quality machine for multiple purposes. Our Pad printing is ideal for identification and traceability in various sectors. They are useful in the medical sector to identify and trace various products and equipment. For example, people can use it for prostheses, tubes, IV bags, syringes, and casings.

Our automatic pad printer is popular in the automotive sector for labeling and adorning vehicle interiors, exteriors, and underwood components. Thus, it has the high flexibility required to handle automotive parts in various shapes and sizes. It is appropriate for branding consumer electronics like laptops, radios, headphones, and torches, denoting instructions, and adding decoration.

Moreover, it helps display legendary names, events, photos, and so on, athletic equipment, and souvenirs. The ink should be non-toxic and resistant to tearing as well. Also, it is appropriate for printing graphics, text, directions on cosmetic product packaging, and branding tools.

Top Notch Supplier of automatic pad printer – DSTAR 

DSTAR is a well-known Chinese supplier that offers various printing machines at the lowest possible prices. We have years of experience in making different printing machines. We use long-lasting inks to round out the product line. Also, our machine is a lightning-fast device explicitly designed to directly print various shapes and items like bottles, cans, and thermoses.

They can also customize packaging requiring unique printing for your business. Our screen printing machine integrates a unique printing system for your products. Get a pad printing machine in bulk. We implement UV printing for bottle screen printing machines. Also, it’s a suitable printer that comes with an online support warranty and a video technical support warranty. So, if you need quality pad printing for high-volume production in bulk, you can contact DSTAR to request a quote today.

Machine features:

  • Adopt with sealed ink cup system for less ink volatilization in workshop
  • Panasonic PLC for smart and convenient adjustment
  • 4.3 inches HMI touch screen to display the technical parameters and touch buttons.
  • Sliding shuttle is driven with servo motor and linear guide
  • The machine is equipped with automatic silicone pad cleaning device.The cleaning frequency and tape rewind time can be user defined on the HMI touch panel
  • manual/semi automatic mode both be available
  • The worker can control machine Start and Stop with foot pedal

Pad printing consumables

  • Silicone pad (also named pad printing rubber)
  • Pad printing plate
  • Sealed ink cup
  • Pad printing ink and ink thinner
  • Workpiece fixture(jig)

Pad printing sample display

pad printing machine for toys

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