Automatic Screen Printer For Bicycle Rim

Printing color1 color
Printing size200*300mm
Vertical movementelectric driving
Printingelectric driving


Precision Automatic Screen Printer Machines

At DSTAR, people can find the best automatic screen printer at an affordable price. Our screen printers are highly advanced and help buyers print bottles, t-shirts, and other products. It allows you to increase and lower the screen over the tee. We have a higher level of screen printing tools and a medium machine that allows proper printing. 

Also, we have manual screen printing, including 1- and 4-color presses for beginners, small businesses, and hobbyists. Plus, we have advanced presses with 4-, 6-, and 8-color production capacity. It makes our collection highly versatile and best for professional printing and stores. 

Wholesale Automatic Screen Printing Machine For Your Business

DSTAR is the world’s leading manufacturer of low-cost, high-precision screen printing equipment, with over 1500 installations in dozens of sectors. Our automatic machine can print somewhere between 3,000 and 5,000. Also, it gives a higher level of consistency. This indicates that there will be no visual variance among the products in a batch. Since an automatic machine does most of the job, the manual setup does not need a workforce. So, it saves businesses a lot of money.

These machine print on various flat products, including plastic cards. DSTAR’s printing equipment is high-quality and produces flawless output. Our automatic machines print format sizes with the assistance of screen printing professionals at high-speed manufacturing and creative features. 

Also, we provide a range of formats and proficiencies for our screen printing so that you may choose the perfect one for a company. All our products are lightweight and ideal for artists who want to transport their tools. Artists with extra studio space will appreciate free-standing presses. They are strong and long-lasting, perfect for continuous printing.

Automatic Screen Printer – Best Solution For A Range Of Applications 

DSTAR offers high-quality automatic screen printer with patented and exclusive products. Thus, our screen printing machines are highly effective and best for flat and cylindrical products production process. Our products are used in various industries, including electronics, promotional, automotive, aerospace, advertising, pharmaceutical, and more.

Moreover, we have highly skilled employees and knowledgeable engineers who provide faster, smarter, and cheaper decorated products. The cutting-edge DSTAR screen print machine offers various graphical and industrial application options. Also, they are helpful to designs clothes, medical devices, decals and stickers, balloons, product labels, signage, displays, and merchandise. It has a lot more applications in various industries.

Standard Quality Screen Printing Presses

DSTAR suppliers and manufacturers offer bulk printing equipment and accessories for businesses. We understand printing is the utmost part of the business that provides revenue and a competitive edge over the market. Our expert suppliers know your needs for an affordable printing solution. So, we bring low-cost screen printing systems to bulk production. Our whole line of fine screen printing equipment is used in a variety of industrial settings all around the world. We use the most recent technology with tiny machine assembly lines to provide the best products.

DSTAR Machinery is the best place or screen printing shop to get a quality screen print machine. Unlike other manufacturers of bottle printing machines, we concentrate on producing the best screen-printing machines of higher quality. We deliver screen printing equipment and quality screen printers at the most reasonable rates everywhere. So, contact us now and get a quote!

Buy Plastic Cup Screen Printing Machine

Are you looking for an affordable screen printing machine to print your plastic cups? Well, you have come to the right place! DSTAR offers Plastic Cup Screen Printing Machines for improved reliability and affordability.

Our Wholesale Plastic Cups Screen Printing Machine lets you select the most convenient screen printers for your company from a variety of printing techniques. You can use our plastic cup printer for various purposes. The manufacture of milk tea cups, balloons, everyday school supplies, ballpoint pens, and plastic cups all make extensive use of the plastic printing machine.

The model DX-S101 plastic cup screen printing machine comes with multiple features and enhanced results. Our Plastic Cup Printing Machine Manufacturer design it for 1 color or multi-color printing so your customers can have an attractive product.

Additionally, screen printers are available in a variety of sizes to match various workstations. For instance, we have Cylinder (¢20-100mm, height 25-300mm) and Oval (w25-120mm height 25-300mm) sizes. You can choose a printer that fits into your workspace and gives you enough area to move about because they were made with flexibility in mind.

When it comes to it working, it offers speed for Cylinder (4,000pcs/hr.) and Oval (5,000pcs/hr.). Our Plastic cup screen printer works on AC 380V 3-Phase voltage and suits all your printing needs.

If you run a plastic cup business, get eye-catching decorations and artwork onto your plastic cups. Also, you can select the plastic cup screen printing machine that is best for you based on the technique you are most comfortable with and familiar with. You can choose a printer that fits into your workspace and gives you enough area to move about because they were made with flexibility in mind.

Contact our Plastic Cup Printing Machine Manufacturer and Supplier to get instant quotes.



Machine features:

1. Vertical structure and electronic drive, PLC control system. The screen plate has vertical movement and horizontal ink scrapping.
2. Cast aluminum processing for machine printing beam, sliding sleeve, machine nose, and lift arm
3. The machine speed and stroke can be adjusted under motor drive
4. There is a manual test, single model, and fully automatic model for optional
5. automatic counter for printing
6. Independent machine lifting device is convenient for ink scrapping blade, ink return blade, screen plate install, and uninstall.
7. It’s equipped with a sliding block and screws on right and left arm to adjust the screen plate position
8. The angle for ink printing and ink scraping can be adjusted.

Optional function:

1. modify from electronic drive to servo motor drive
2. automatic feeding or unloading device
3. vacuum the work table
4. touch screen control panel

Automatic screen printer printing samples

Wheel rim screen printing machine video: