Drinking straw automatic printing machine DX-APP20-1

Product:Drinking straw printing machine


Printing color:1 color

Printing plate size:150*700mm

Ink cup diameter:140mm

Printing speed:18,000 pcs/hr

Pretreatment:Plasma(optional function)


Product: Drinking straw printing machine

Model: DX-APP20-1

Printing color: 1 color

Printing plate size: 150*700mm

Ink cup diameter:140mm

Printing speed:18,000 pcs/hr

Pretreatment: Plasma(optional function)


  • Drinking straw feeding from the hopper
  • Plasma pretreatment on plastic straw(optional function)
  • Automatic  pad printing machine of 20 pcs drinking straws per cycle
  • Hot air drying after printing
  • Automatic unloading
  • The machine adopts with PLC control system

Why should we use PLA drinking straws instead plastic drinking straws?

The PLA drinking straw has good biodegradability, degrades to produce CO2 and H2O, does not pollute the environment, and can meet the needs of industrial composting. The straw extruded at high temperatures has good thermal stability and good solvent resistance. Its gloss, transparency, and hand feel can replace petroleum-based products.

The physical and chemical indicators of the product can meet the food safety regulations of various places. Claim. So it has a wide range of applications and can basically meet the needs of most beverages on the market.

Dstar DX-APP20-1 drinking straw automatic pad printing machine is widely used for printing on straws. It’s featured fully automatic and high production.

Drinking straw printing samples: