Flat Bed Screen Printing Machine DX-5070P

Product:flat bed screen printing machine


Worktable size:500*700mm

Max printing size:450*650mm

Printing speed:850cycles/hr




Buy Flat Bed Screen Printing Machine

Buy Flat Bed Screen Printing Machine at reasonable prices from us! DSTAR selects the most comfortable screen printers for your company by using the Wholesale Flat Bed Silk Screen Printing Machine, which is available in a variety of printing techniques.

We have a DX-5070P model for flatbed printers; it offers a 500*700mm workable size that will perfectly suit your workplace. Moreover, the max printing size our screen printer offers is 450*650mm, and the net weight of 520KGS

You can select the flatbed silk screen printing machine that is best for you based on the method you are most accustomed to and comfortable with. Also, all of our printing machines are flexible and handy enough.

When it comes to functionality, our Flat Bed Silk Screen Printer offers 850cycles/hr. and operates on AC220V/3.5KW.

All these China Flat Bed Screen Printing Machines are simple to maintain, and there is no need to call a specialist out often to inspect them. Moreover, if any of the components of your screen printers stop working, you may easily replace them. To extend the life of the flatbed silk screen printing machine, we advise routine maintenance, such as wiping off a day’s worth of spray adhesive.

Increase your company’s productivity by contacting our Flat Bed Screen Printing Machine Manufacturer and Supplier today! Furthermore, they will send you a free quote or consultation to purchase bulk printers at wholesale price. 

Semi-automatic screen printing machine with vacuum worktable

Item DX-3050P DX-4060P DX-5070P DX-70120P
Worktable size(cm) 30*50 40*60 50*70 70*120
Max printing size(cm) 25*35 35*45 45*65 60*110
Max screen plate frame size (cm) 45*73 55*83 65*93 85*133
Screen printer machine size (cm) 80*92*165 80*102*165 90*120*165 110*162*165
Machine weight(KGS) 380 450 520 720
Max printing speed(pcs/hr) 900 880 850 750
Power(KW) 2 2.5 3.5 3.5
Air consumption (Mpa) 0.4-0.6 0.4-0.6 0.4-0.6 0.4-0.6
Technical parameters for screen printing machine

Machine features:

1. Vertical structure and electronic drive, PLC control system.
2. Cast aluminum processing for machine printing parts.
3. The machine speed and stroke can be adjusted under motor drive
4. There is a manual test, single model, and fully automatic model for optional
5. automatic counter for printing
6. Independent machine lifting device.
7. It’s equipped with a sliding block. screws on the right and left arm to adjust the screen plate position
8. The angle for ink printing and ink scraping can be adjusted from DSTAR.

Optional function:

1. modify from electronic drive to servo motor drive
2. automatic feeding or unloading device
3. vacuum the work table
4. touch screen control panel

Screen printer machine consumables:

1. Screen printing plate

2. Printing ink

3. Squeegee