Ink Cup For Pad Printing

Ink cup material:POM or Aluminum

Ink cup ring material:ceramic or carbide

MOQ:1 pc



An ink cup is very important. As we know pad printer machine has open ink well and a sealed ink cup system. More and more customers are aware of environmental protection and are friendly to workers. The ink cup pad printer is featured with saving ink and less ink volatilization. Compare with open ink well system, the ink cup for pad printing can make your printing workshop looks more steady.

Dstar Pad printer ink cup is a necessary part of all sealed ink cup pad printing machines. We can make ink cups for a different brands of pad printers. The ink cup size and material can be optional as well.

Ink cup material:

  • Plastic
  • Aluminum

Ink cup ring material(blade)

  • Ceramic
  • Carbide (tungsten)